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Having  a career focused both on performance and education, Zachary Gordin is sought after as a dedicated mentor and vocal technician. He has taught singers that appear with regional and international opera companies, musical theatre companies, and symphony orchestras. He frequently serves as a judge for regional and national vocal competitions, and has been engaged as a guest artist for Master Classes and workshops with emerging singers by opera companies and Universities around the US.

"My teaching is rooted in building kinesthetic awareness, and leading singers to understand how mental and physical energies impact sound. Efficient and stable breath mechanics and balanced vocal fold engagement lead to greater resonance, range, volume, and vocal freedom - which is empowering to singers of all genres. The end result is technical security and a voice that is truly their own.


Musical and dramatic coaching is a part of this study, weaving all these essential parts together to build a confident, whole-hearted, and generous performer. I'm open to working with motivated singers of all levels, from beginner to established professional, and have experience rehabilitating singers from vocal crisis.


I can also collaborate with you on piano and harpsichord in the studio, on recital programs, audition recordings, and help you fully prepare for a specific upcoming role or audition." - ZG


$150 for 60 minute lesson

Studio located in Point Richmond, California.

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